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Sunčani Hvar Open

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Sunčani Hvar Open

Sunčani Hvar Open

30th July 2011, Hvar - 8pm

Sunčani Hvar Open - amateur armwrestling tournament in which the main presenters and guest were national champions Pjer Ostojic and Josip Poleš.

International tournament Sunčani Hvar

Women- 1th place Ana Vuković (Srbija)
Men - 90 kg - 1th place Zvonimir Benko (Hr)
Men - +90 kg - 1th place Petar Jeličić (Hr)
Total Competitors : 25


Armwrestling tournament “Bjelovar open”

Armwrestling tournament “Bjelovar open”

2010.17.7. in 18 hours completed Armwrestling Tournament "Bjelovar open"


Tournament Venue: City pools Bjelovar


Number of competitors: 38 







-80 kg – 12 competitors 1. Ervin Šinko 2.Augustin Mazarekić 3. Ivan Fajdetić

-90 kg – 11 competitors 1.Luka Pranjić 2.Željko Radolfi 3.Antonio Mazarekić

-100 kg – 11 competitors 1.Viktorijo Sović 2.Andrija Tkalec 3.Josip Bregović

100+kg – 4 competitors 1.Rozo Filić 2.Domagoj Sedlić 3. Josip Matić

Absolute winner : Viktorijo Sović




  1. Aleksandar Jakovac
  2. Andrija Tkalec

First Memorial armwrestling Tournament “Ivica Sović” in Dugo Selo

First Memorial armwrestling Tournament “Ivica Sović” in Dugo Selo

4.7.2010. in Disco club "Sova", Dugo Selo at 4 p.m. will be first armwrestling memorial tournament "Ivica Sović".

Ivica Sovic was a superb athlete and one of the best Croatian bodybuilder. In his honor, we will organize in collaboration with his son, Victorijo (winner of the Tiffany studio Cup from April 11 -100kg left) each year in July, the Memorial Tournament.

We hope a good response and we wish everyone success in the competition.


Tournament in Zagreb - Praćka 14.03.2010.

Tournament in Zagreb - Praćka 14.03.2010.

Croatian armwrestling federation organises tournament by WAF rules.


Praćka, 14.03.2010. u 18 hours. Registration is free.


Categories:  women, men,  youngster divisio and 50+.

Pulling John - The Movie


'Pulling John' is the universal story of a champion, who after 25 years of success is now burdened with the inevitable transformation of aging. John Brzenk, the legendary armwrestler, who works as an airline mechanic by day must decide whether to leave the sport he was raised on or wait to be defeated by 2 up and coming titans.


Voevoda from Russia, Bagent from West Virginia and Yoshi from Tokyo are the colorful characters who have been raised on the legend of John Brzenk. These men define themselves by not becoming champions but by defeating the legend that is known as Brzenk. In a philosophical and thrilling ride, 'Pulling John' culminates at the Zloty Tur Championship in Warsaw, where Bagent and Voevoda have the chance of their life, to dethrone the conflicted Brzenk.

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